Pre-Sale and Deposit Items

Some items in the store have a pre-sale status or only a deposit will be collected. This will be indicated in the product description page. The approximate ship date for the product is on this page, but is subject to change without notice. 

For Pre-Sale items, you will be charged for the entire amount of the item at the time of purchase, including shipping. If there are other items in an order with a Pre-Sale item, the entire order will be held and ship once the pre-sale item is released. You may cancel an order for a pre-sale item at any time before the item ships and receive a full refund. 

For Deposit items, you will pay a pre-set portion of the item’s cost up front. The rest of the cost as well as shipping charges will be paid when the item is ready to be shipped. You will be contacted before the order ships with the instructions to pay the final balance on the item, including shipping. Your order will ship once the final balance is paid. Payment methods and shipping information can be amended at the time final payment is submitted, and do not have to match the information on the deposit order. You may cancel the deposit at any time before it ships, however please note that deposit orders cancelled more than 2 weeks after they are submitted are charged a 20% cancellation fee.

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